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Delivering award-winning K-10 Hands on

STEM program that explore real-world phenomena through student-driven investigation and discovery.


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Joyful Experiences

Yardstick's vision is to make learning enriching and joyful experience. Yardstick designs and implements learning programs for children, engaging their keen, inquisitive and imaginative minds via holistic experiential learning modules.

Every Hands-on STEM module includes

1. Project pack: Includes all the materials and tools required to complete the project

2. Curiosity Journal: Your kid’s assistant with friendly instructions and structured discoveries

3. Teacher Guides: A complete and comprehensive guide for effective lessons in the classroom

4. E-learning platform: Provides access to project videos, extensions and assessments

5. Y-Labs mobile app: Access to sensor-based data logging

Our modules are rigorously evaluated by subject experts and field tested with students to create an age-appropriate learning resource for you.

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Whats inside the box?

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